Democratic campaign would like us to think Romney hasnt got a clue


Romney was recently reported saying that he was unsure as to why planes didn’t have windows that open. While the Democratic Party would have you believe Romney said this because he doesn’t have a basic grasp of the science behind air travel, this quote was taken out of context. The Left is taking any opportunity it can to fuel the thought that Romney hasn’t got a clue what’s going on.

Here you can read an article from Hot Air including the whole quote.

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The Romney Recovery


In the wake of the comments that Romney made about 47% of Americans being “victims” his campaign managers were forced to take a new approach to improve his image. His new campaign strategy is to focus on him. It was pretty clear after all the aftermath of his recent comments that relying solely on the presidential debates to win the election. The new approach of focusing more on mitt will include more appearances of him both in public and in new ads. The new approach also calls for him to spend more time talking about his plans for office and how they will affect the average American family.

A top republican working closely with the campaign said “The plan, described by top aides and advisers in interviews this week, is an acknowledgment that Romney is in enough of a hole that he cannot depend on the presidential debates to turn his candidacy around. In fact, Romney, who recently did five mock debates in a 48-hour period to practice up, has confided to advisers that it may be hard to win a debate because every attack against President Barack Obama will seem stale, while the attacks on him will seem fresher and newsier to a hostile media. Instead, Romney plans to dial back on fundraisers and vastly increase his personal appearances – both on the stump and in ads – to convince what’s left of the undecided voters that Obama has been a disappointment and that he has a specific plan that is less risky than the status quo. Rather than talk about the broader economy, Romney will increasingly talk about his plans in terms of the effect on families, the aides said. This started before the Republican convention, when he boiled his 59-point plan for the national economy down to a five-point “Plan for a Stronger Middle Class.” The emerging strategy comes after several days of soul-searching. Romney officials are very clear-eyed about the damage done by two straight weeks of bad media coverage and the embarrassing comments caught on tape (see below for their assessment of what hurt the most in the past 10 days). They don’t dispute they are locked in serious turbulence, but also take solace that things are not worse after what they consider the darkest stretch of the campaign. We are going to look back at this as the week he got his act together or the beginning of the end”

Romney’s image was greatly hurt by his comments and hopefully this new approach will be enough to save his reputation.

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Different Parties, Different Fashions

While there might not be many things the Republicans and Democrats agree on these days there is one thing that all of American can come to a consensus on, the presidential candidates wives have some great fashion. Earlier this month at each of the parties conventions the wives of the candidates were one of the most talked about subjects, and their dresses were no exception.


While each woman’s choice reflected her individual style I also believe that their fashion choices reflect the direction of their respected parties.

Michelle Obama wore a dress designed by Tracy Reese, a relatively new designer. Her dress was moderately priced and well liked by critics for its flattering shape and modern design with a vibrant pink and gold pattern. I personally feel that while her look was definitely fashionable it was not necessarily the “classic First Lady look”. However it is usually Michelle’s signature to dress in very fashion forward styles that bring a new freshness to the White House. I feel this directly reflects her husbands roll of bringing “change” to America. Michelle’s dress, while not the classic look, definitely fits the image of newness and change that she and her husband are trying to present to America.

On the contrary Ann Romney channeled the classic first lady look in a patriotic red Oscar de La Renta dress. Her choice had quite a larger price tag than Mrs. Obama’s dress and was praised by critics for its classic look and eye popping color. Ann’s dress definitely was a more conservative pick and like Michelle’s choice reflected her husbands views. While Michelle’s dress reflected the change her and her husband promise to bring to America, Ann’s dress represented the more conservative views of her husband.

I recommend you read this article by The Atlantic Wire for a closer look at the wives fashion of the night. I found it quite interesting to see the comparison of the dresses.

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What’s it all about?

Welcome to The Art of Perception, an opinion blog that aims to look at the ways in which candidates (particularly the 2012 presidential election’s candidates) perceived images affect the way voters view them. I will be looking at several aspects of the candidates images including, although not limited to religion, family life, fashion, and behavior at public appearances.

With the growing popularity of technology over the past few decades, elections as we know them have changed. It has become much easier through the use of social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter to stay updated with the daily activities of candidates, especially those activities that arent necessarily on national news. Candidates are constantly under scrutiny and often times voters who are not dedicated to a certain party can be swayed by something more personal such as a candidate’s religion or family life. The issue of image has been historically looked at as more important to female voters, but with access to photos and updates of candidate’s daily lives, males and females alike are taking things like image more and more seriously when choosing a candidate. To the candidates, America is always watching.