What’s it all about?

Welcome to The Art of Perception, an opinion blog that aims to look at the ways in which candidates (particularly the 2012 presidential election’s candidates) perceived images affect the way voters view them. I will be looking at several aspects of the candidates images including, although not limited to religion, family life, fashion, and behavior at public appearances.

With the growing popularity of technology over the past few decades, elections as we know them have changed. It has become much easier through the use of social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter to stay updated with the daily activities of candidates, especially those activities that arent necessarily on national news. Candidates are constantly under scrutiny and often times voters who are not dedicated to a certain party can be swayed by something more personal such as a candidate’s religion or family life. The issue of image has been historically looked at as more important to female voters, but with access to photos and updates of candidate’s daily lives, males and females alike are taking things like image more and more seriously when choosing a candidate. To the candidates, America is always watching.


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