Different Parties, Different Fashions

While there might not be many things the Republicans and Democrats agree on these days there is one thing that all of American can come to a consensus on, the presidential candidates wives have some great fashion. Earlier this month at each of the parties conventions the wives of the candidates were one of the most talked about subjects, and their dresses were no exception.


While each woman’s choice reflected her individual style I also believe that their fashion choices reflect the direction of their respected parties.

Michelle Obama wore a dress designed by Tracy Reese, a relatively new designer. Her dress was moderately priced and well liked by critics for its flattering shape and modern design with a vibrant pink and gold pattern. I personally feel that while her look was definitely fashionable it was not necessarily the “classic First Lady look”. However it is usually Michelle’s signature to dress in very fashion forward styles that bring a new freshness to the White House. I feel this directly reflects her husbands roll of bringing “change” to America. Michelle’s dress, while not the classic look, definitely fits the image of newness and change that she and her husband are trying to present to America.

On the contrary Ann Romney channeled the classic first lady look in a patriotic red Oscar de La Renta dress. Her choice had quite a larger price tag than Mrs. Obama’s dress and was praised by critics for its classic look and eye popping color. Ann’s dress definitely was a more conservative pick and like Michelle’s choice reflected her husbands views. While Michelle’s dress reflected the change her and her husband promise to bring to America, Ann’s dress represented the more conservative views of her husband.

I recommend you read this article http://www.theatlanticwire.com/politics/2012/09/fancy-dress-face-ann-romney-vs-michelle-obama/56535/ by The Atlantic Wire for a closer look at the wives fashion of the night. I found it quite interesting to see the comparison of the dresses.

photo credit: The Atlantic Wire


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