Rain or Shine


With the recent party conventions taking place outside the presidential candidates were secretly celebrating. While giving their speeches in the rain may not seem like the most glamorous or presidential scenario it may actually be preferred by some candidates. Candidates have always been fans of foul weather; nothing says dedication like standing out in the cold, rain, snow, or wind and giving your speech anyway while still trying to look presidential. Both Romney and Obama were photographed giving their speeches in the foul weather although their style for the rain was very different. Obama was seen wearing just a simple button down and Romney wore a more rain appropriate over coat. While their different styles may not have said anything special about what they stand for the fact that they stood out in the rain does. Each candidate was trying to show that they are the most dedicated candidate. It doesn’t look good when a candidate reschedules a speech because of a little bit of rain. We will have to see how this demonstration of dedication pays off for each of the candidates in the coming weeks.


photos courtesy of : The Caucus and Angryblackwomancronicles


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